Monday, January 28, 2008

Can you identify this famous economist?

Can you identify this famous economist by the following clues?
  • A sophist, but not a sophomore.
  • Sa langue était française.
  • A solar energy advocate?
If you can identify this economist, briefly describe his major contribution to the field of economics.

Congratulations to Yaoguang Li for correctly identifying Frederic Bastiat. Bastiat was an early 19th century French free-trade economist that authored a number of satirical pieces in defense of free-markets. Perhaps his best known work is the Petition of the Candlemakers (look for Section 1.7).

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Anonymous said...

His name is Frédéric Bastiat.He is a a French economist and politician.His famous work in Econ feild is Economic Sophisms,and he used strong words attacked on statist policies.His most famous work in other feild is The law.It wrote a just system of law and demonstrates how such law develops a free society.

Yaoguang Li